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We specialize in a wide variety of gemstone jewelry and have over 30 years of experience providing quality gemstones and gemstone jewelry with outstanding customer service. We are worldwide trendsetters at BKK Gemstones and we have for sale some of the world's newest and most beautiful gemstones and gemstone jewelry. Our years of expertise combined with our utmost integrity in our field have made us one of the foremost market leaders in online sales of gemstones and gemstone jewelry.

We focus our efforts on bringing you unique and hard to find minerals. Additionally, we have a multitude of new minerals which are being presented to us continuously. Our website and product line is endlessly expanding, but you can count on at all times is that quality is assured. We procure only the finest gemstones direct from the cutting floor after our senior partners have imported and processed the rough gemstones from around the world including Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan. For these reasons and more Bkk Gemstones is synonymous with gemstones and gemstone jewelry.


Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry

BKK Gemstones is setting the trend with some of the world's newest and most beautiful gemstones as well as gemstone jewelry. We are concentrating our efforts to bring to you the very best and highest quality gemstones. Our newest additions to our inventory are extremely prized Taaffeite from Tunduru, Tanzania, Coral Rose Flower " Diamond Earrings, Tsavorite Garnet Tennis Bracelets and Tsavorite Garnet Rings. We also have an amazing assortment of rainbow jewelry, ruby jewelry, sapphire jewelry, ruby jewelry and diamond jewelry.


Rainbow Jewelry

Why not add some color to your day and buy some of our Rainbow jewelry. We carefully custom make all of our pieces including tennis bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings and other specialty items which are all for sale and reasonably priced in our Rainbow jewelry selection. Our beautiful selection offers something perfect for all occasions, outfits, and styles. Why not buy Rainbow jewelry as a gift, or choose your own favorite piece. In fact, why not custom design a rainbow jewelry piece to fit your personal style and needs? Just tell us what features you would like to have and our professional craftsmen will shape these features into an exquisite one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Sapphire Jewelry

Blue as the perfect sky, sapphires have been used as protective talismans for centuries. The versatility of this stone combines hardness and color variation like no other. Sapphire, September's birthstone, has been the pre-eminent blue gemstone for centuries. Ancient Persian rulers believed its reflection painted the heavens blue. Indeed, its very name in Latin, "sapphirus", means blue. While sapphire jewelry has become the ultimate blue stone, it actually comes in virtually every color except red (red sapphires are rubies), including colorless and white, and such fancy colors as yellow, peach, orange, cognac, pink, violet, purple and green and all their various shades. Moreover fancy color sapphire jewelry often provides an alternative to other gemstones in similar colors that are less durable. It is considered the most important and versatile of the gemstone families. Are you ready to buy a piece of sapphire jewelry from our extensive and beautiful collection? Check out what we have for sale in our sapphire jewelry line, and remember you can always buy a polished sapphire and have us make you a perfect piece of sapphire jewelry.


Ruby Jewelry

The colors of the heart, rubies and ruby jewelry have inspired passion and romance for centuries. This gemstone was thought to attract and maintain love and friendship. So if you are looking for love why not buy one of our magnificent ruby engagement rings. The preference of ruby jewelry as the penultimate standard of value is not a coincidence. In fact, rubies are rarer than diamonds, and with a color that has variously symbolized blood, anger, love, courage, fire and royalty, rubies have played a part in the myths and imaginations of cultures around the world throughout written history. Take a look at the amazing selection of ruby jewelry that we have for sale.


Diamond Jewelry

Nothing quite compares to the unique glitter of a Diamond. Choose from our huge collection of high quality certified diamonds and diamond jewelry in all shapes and cuts. Everyone has heard that familiar phrase "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," so why not match the sparkle in her eyes with a unique engagement ring. If you are looking for more of a fiery appeal, classic looks then our diamond jewelry solitaires and stud earrings will dazzle the lucky woman in your life. We also have some terrific twinkling diamond earrings, the perfect gift for her as a must-have accessory. Perhaps you would like to buy some of our sizzling diamond jewelry pendants to make her all starry-eyed. We have an irresistible collection for sale. No matter what you decide to buy from our diamond jewelry collection, a diamond truly is forever. It's billions of years old, and durable enough to withstand anything-including the intense pressure and heat inside the earth. Chances are, your diamond will last billions of years more-and there's no better symbol of eternal love.


Silver Jewelry

Silver is highly reflective, outshining even platinum, and for this reason its atomic symbol is Ag, meaning "white and shining" in Latin. Silver was one of the first metals humans worked with to manufacture goods such as utensils, weapons and jewelry. The silver tradition was carried over from Europe to the Americas and what resulted was the merging of the old European craft with native traditions in both North and South America. As a result of this, mines in Mexico and Peru today are still the highest producers of silver in the world. People in these regions are also the most prolific in producing silver jewelry. If your are looking to buy silver jewelry then you need not look any further as we have an extensive line for you to buy at affordable prices. Now imagine our beautiful gemstones in silver jewelry settings!


Gold Jewelry

The metal that has proliferated countless legends and has sent men on various quests is also the most widely used metal in jewelry. Since the beginning of time, gold has enjoyed a unique and prestigious place in the hearts and minds of men. It is estimated that man first discovered gold around 5,000 years ago. Gold jewelry is always a welcome gift. Throughout the ages, gold jewelry has also played an important role as an expression of love and affection. A gold jewelry item is more than an object of beauty or love, it is an asset of enduring value, which can be passed from one generation to the next. The natural beauty of gold along with its malleability, rich history, and high value has made it the world's most important metal in jewelry. We have a multitude of beautiful gold jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and much more for sale.


Titanium Jewelry

Titanium is a relatively new metal in jewelry use. Titanium was first employed for industrial and commercial use, its applications range from military hardware to replacement for bones and cartilage in the human body. It is extraordinarily strong, almost as strong as steel, but 50% lighter. It is also hypoallergenic, making it the ideal metal for those whose skin is sensitive to alloys found in gold and silver. Our Titanium jewelry pieces are very durable and extremely strong, allowing them to withstand years upon years of use. They are also exceptionally comfortable and lightweight. Our Titanium jewelry is forged with a high level of purity (nearly 100%), unlike gold and platinum. Perhaps you could buy someone you know a strong, yet beautiful handcrafted piece of our titanium jewelry. Take a look at our vast selection.


Fashion Jewelry

Fashion trends come and go faster than a hurricane. By the time you get what's hot, it's not hot any more! Each season brings new and exciting pieces such as necklaces, pendants, bracelets, fashion rings, watches and earrings. Keep your look fresh and current with what is in season with BKK Gemstones fantastic selection of fashion jewelry you will always be in style! Fashion jewelry can enliven a fashion wardrobe and bring a dash of panache especially for one of those special occasions. All women who want to be groomed should aim to have at least one complete set of fine quality fashion jewelry including a necklace or torque, matching earrings and perhaps lovely bracelet. No matter what you are looking to buy we have it for sale here at BKK Gemstones.



Feel free to browse our many testimonials from our valued customers or check out our impeccable feedback on our eBay store as credit to our reliable and efficient services we offer. We understand how buying gemstones over the internet cannot compare to eye balling a gem under a loupe which is why we created our revolutionary gemstone video.

This will change the way you see and buy gemstones online, we are the first to implement this idea across all of our site and hope you find it a very honest and fun way to shop. In case you have any questions, we have our friendly staff standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any question you may have. We are always open, drop in for a chat anytime.


Other Jewelry Products

Other jewelry products BKK Gemstones specializes in are: Alexandrite Jewelry, Color Change Garnet Jewelry, Emerald Jewelry, Spessartite Jewelry, Spinel Jewelry, Tanzanite Jewelry and Tsavorite Jewelry.